Thursday, November 24, 2011

Developments in Egypt and new statements by Russian President

As days pass, it is becoming more clear that the events which started happening in Iran since 1978 are not merely the results of some spontaneous actions by some outraged religious bigots or logical consequences of economic hardship (as some leftist idealists would believe). The events in Tunisia , Libya and Egypt are not some isolated events that could be explained in conventional way of politics. There is no economic justification for what happened in Tunisia and there is no common sense about the attack by NATO members on Libya which was the pioneer of Islamization of the region since Ghadhafi came to power over 40 years ago. Ghadhafi was a puppet of the same people who backed the rivals against him! He was the one who, for the first time in 20th century, declared implementation of sharia law and abandoning of modern education (closing all schools and universities) in favor of Islamic teachings and Quran upon his ascendance to power! His benefits for the western masters far outweighed his noisy rhetoric against them. Then why change? A new era is beginning in the politics of the region and the world, and newer and more ambitious forces with better revolutionary labels are needed to move forward with the agendas which will shape the new world in coming decades. I will write more about this later.

Around this time, 8 years ago, I started a discussion in an Egyptian forum regarding the influence and domination of Arabic culture over Egyptian people. That discussion continued for a few months and for obvious reasons, political issues and Islam were dragged into the discussion too (as intended) and during those exchanges that I had with forum members, I was labeled with different things but also received some good feedback from some of better informed forum members. Today, when I hear the news about the conflicts between Egyptian army rulers and the gangs of clueless revolutionaries which are being manipulated by "Muslim Brotherhood" to impose so called "Islamic democracy" rather than true liberty, I am reminded of those simple minded forum members (especially females) who could not see what was behind the events which were developing in the region that I tried to inform them about. In recent days, a very young Egyptian girl tried to counter the imposition of strict and suppressive religious laws being imposed on Egyptians under influence of Muslim Brotherhood by stripping in-front of a camera. This girl probably was not more then 12-13 years old 8 years ago when I had my discussion with her older compatriots.

Egyptian Forum

It is truly unfortunate to see so much ignorance among people of most non-western nations which when accompanied with corruption of their politicians (inside and outside their governments), become the most effective combination for manipulation of people into any direction by those who seek control over resources of the whole world. Is it crazy to think that there are many important things going on in this world which almost all ordinary people with ordinary way of thinking (in the box) and ordinary life style are unaware of? YES, until something super crazy happens in reality and kicks them hard in the head!

Since yesterday, a video is being circulated on the internet which shows president of Russia openly talking about attacking NATO targets in Europe and taking some other actions which definitely need serious attention. It seems that covert confrontation between the rivals to take over the world is entering a new stage in which harsh words are being spoken in the open to indicate the seriousness of the situation. All of this remind me of some materials that I had encountered a while back regarding the upcoming events that would also involve Iran and some other nations in an extremely serious adventure with unpredictable grave consequences. I have some thoughts about all of this which will try to bring up as new developments happen and more things come to light. Here is a video of President Dmitry Medvedev (please make sure to enable English translation by clicking on CC for close caption unless you understand Russian language):

President Medvedev