Friday, January 8, 2016

Death of a Princess

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, one of the most important female figures in modern history of Iran, passed away.

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was the twin sister of late Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran. She had a very sharp and smart vision in political matters and her smart contributions in the affairs of Monarchy during the first 10 years after resignation of late Reza Shah the Great, helped in stabilizing the nation's affairs for a period of time, until US government decided to meddle in Iranian affairs for a variety of reasons. Her absence from the politics due to her brother's request created opportunity for suspicious and shady characters to get closer to late Shah who later helped in bringing down the system. Late Princess Ashraf had many enemies among Iranians in political circles and also among many foreigner elements which, in one way or another, were mostly linked with western intelligence agencies.

During occupation of Azarbaijan by Soviet troops after second World War, Princess Ashraf was sent to Moscow by her brother to visit Stalin and ask him to fulfill the promise of taking Soviet troops out of Iranian territory after the war, based on his words that was given to Iranian government at the time of invasion. Ashraf was very young and ambitious at that time and Stalin was very impressed by her show of patriotism so much so that he mentioned her passionate lecture about her country to those surrounding him as a symbol of patriotism. It is true that such events could not be the only reason that Soviet forces left Azarbaijan but Princess Ashraf's visit and her appeal on behalf of her nation and the Monarch of Iran, could not go unnoticed.

During turbulent era of after WWII when Reza Shah was in exile, the activities of political groups had been intensified in a chaotic environment which was direct result of occupation. Different groups which mostly affiliated themselves with this or that foreign occupying power often engaged in fighting one another both in the media and on the streets. Any group which managed to gather more people around itself had more power to influence the political affairs and among them were Tudeh party, Hezb Iran and Hezb Zahmatkeshan, to name a few.

During those days (maybe even today), one of the greatest tools to fight an enemy was to start a rumor to discredit him/her. With means of propaganda at reach and absence of any kind of powerful authority to stop it, baseless rumors and propaganda would spread like wild fire. And Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was one of best and easiest targets of such propaganda for the groups who wanted to show how brave they were against authorities in order to attract ignorant and ill informed populace.

Late Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, not only was target of unjust criticism and propaganda from inside, she was also a target for covert propaganda activities of foreign intelligence agencies, mostly to neutralize her political influence and discredit her in the eyes of Iranian people. These propaganda was mostly through spread of rumors in some western news papers both in Europe and America, which also transmitted in more exaggerated ways inside the country, to fuel animosity towards the Royal Family of Iranian Monarchy among internal enemies and ordinary people.

Princess Ashraf had fiercely fought such rumors through official channels especially with Americans who always denied any connection with such rumors which were spread on their behalf. In one case it was rumored that She had been forbidden from entering the United States which office of secretary of state, in a letter to Iranian Embassy in London, denied such allegations and declined to investigate the source of rumor that was published in a European paper.

One of the horrible claims that had been brought up against her especially through the propaganda by Tudeh Party was her involvement in killing of a journalist named Mohammad Masoud. Dr. Fereydoon Keshavarz, one of the important members of Tudeh Party's central committee, in his memoir has given detailed information on how Mohammad Masoud was killed by Tudeh Party's assassins to implicate Royal Family. Tudeh party had a "terror committee" which was responsible for assassination of certain people in direction of Tudeh party's agenda. Khosro Roozbsh and Noroldin Kianoori were two members of this "terror committee" and they carried out most of the assassinations of political figures in those days. It is all there in black and white and the book was published while Dr. Keshavarz was alive.

There are many things that could be added here but in simple words, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was target of worst negative propaganda, both from inside and outside the country, in modern history of Iran, which she did not deserve. Rest in Peace daughter of Reza Shah The Great, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi. Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Concpiracy, fact or fiction? (part 3)

Since I was a child, I remember hearing terrible things about World War 3 in which, all the world will be destroyed. When I grew a bit older, I thought to myself, the trauma effects of past two world wars in relatively short period of time, has probably created such paranoia in most people's minds who remembered those days when barbaric behaviors of so called civilized world in senseless wars were rampant. A long time has passed from those days but, the shadows of uncertainty and distrust in current times, indicate that the peace and tranquility is as fragile as ever in human history, or even worse.

A glance at the history of the past couple of millennia, may justify the expectation that, because of human progress in development of more advanced societies, better understanding of the situation for human beings on this planet would ensue. But, the realities on the fields show a different story. From the time that different tribes of humans would attack and kill each other over resources rather than sharing and living in harmony, to this day, the excuses for wars and conflicts have not changed much in nature. But from all those conflicts, nothing compares to the two wars of 20th century in scale of damages and casualties, which started in Europe and engulfed nearly the whole world. It seems the advancement and creation of new technologies, not only have not helped humanity as a whole, but also created possibilities for greater destruction.

Knowing that progress in technologies are now making it possible to control and manipulate the food and energy resources for the benefit of the humanity, one may wonder what is the meaning of all the tensions which are on the rise in different parts of the world. At times, it seems like a curse is forcing humanity to behave in certain ways and move in certain direction that will conclude in a catastrophic demise. This matter along with some natural disasters, unprecedented in scale, have lead to this belief by many that a "doom's day" prophecy is either at work by divine powers or is being played on mankind by some evil forces who are using any means possible to manipulate the world in preparation for implementing their plans to take over world resources. This may look very "intellectualistic", especially among some newly educated people and also old school intellectuals, to consider the suspicion over these developments mere "conspiracy theories" but there are many factual evidences that refute such naive views.

The break up of Soviet Union in the last decade of previous century, for a short period of time, created this hope that a new and harmonious world would emerge and new era of cooperation to benefit the whole humanity would commence. Victorious speech of then President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush, and pronouncement of "New World Order" openly, dashed all the hopes and started a new chapter in the history of the conflicts in the world. One of the oldest so called "conspiracy theories" which warned about the creeping forces to take over the world's resources, clearly manifested itself through that speech. And as they call it, the "End Game" has begun.

One of the notorious figures in American politics (and western world) who is well known for his focus on destruction of Soviet Union during cold war era to pave the way for establishment of a unipolar world with leadership of United States, is the Polish born Zbigniew Brzezinski whose contributions to American politics since 1960's have had major influence over the policies in western world towards political relations with the East and the former Soviet Union in particular. It must be true that Mr. Brzezinski's fixation on destruction of Soviet Union might have been mostly influenced by his personal feelings of revenge for fall of his homeland in the hands of the rulers of evil empire behind so called "Iron Curtain", and this matter most certainly has had a major effect over the political path which he chose as he grew older. Mr. Brzezinski lived most of his life in western world and spent all his time in studying (and teaching in later years) about the ways to break and destroy the Soviet system. Whether this was good or bad, is not the point of this writing. The point is to discover why and how we reached where we are now.

In the introduction to his famous book "The Grand Chessboard" that was published in year 1997, Mr. Brzezinski, after dedicating the book to his students "to help them shape tomorrow's world", writes:
"The last decade of the twentieth century has witnessed a tectonic shift in world affairs. For the first time ever, a non-Eurasian power has emerged not only as the key arbiter of Eurasian power relations but also as the world's paramount power. The defeat and collapse of the Soviet Union was the final step in the rapid ascendance of a Western Hemisphere power, the United States, as the sole and, indeed, the first truly global power."

Apart from the childish pride that emanates from these statements one can easily see the humiliation associated with them which is intentionally and clearly directed at those who were known as "Soviet Union" and its leaders in former years. As if, when the Soviet Union system was dismantled, so did all her power was destroyed and no longer existed. The self gratifying and cocky views of Mr. Brzezinski is clearly evident through out the whole book which considers Russia as a bad boy who is being punished for past bad behaviors and now should behave himself to be accepted by the community of western "civilized nations".

From what we have been witnessing since 1991, the western relation with Russia has been majorly influenced by such views which are expressed in "The Grand Chessboard". Europe and Ukraine, according to Mr. Brzezinski, is where that last game will be played before the new order of the world will be established. Dismemberment of Russia, along with creation of a new Islamic Empire in the Middle East which controls a vast territory from borders of India in the East to the borders of Egypt in the West are just two of the prerequisites for such developments which from what is currently evident in aforementioned areas, attempts are being made to implement such plans.

We should bear in mind that, Mr. Brzezinski is not originator and inventor of such views and ideas but a conveyor to bring to forefront, the views which have an ancient background and the very creation of United States of America, has been one of its greatest accomplishments according to different sources.

On September 6th, 2014, an article was published in the Russian website of Radio Free Europe (Iranians know it as Radio Farda) which was titled: "Waiting For World War III: How The World Will Change".
(English version here)

In this article, we read about how evil is Russia and specifically, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and how Russia is responsible for all the conflicts in the world, from Palestine to Iraq and ISIS, to Africa and everywhere else, and finally Ukraine. The author argues that there are many parts in Russian territory that people want to break away from Russia and specifies all of them with names and locations. The author also argues that breaking of Russia in different parts will be good for economy and paves the way to create a multipolar world implying that Russia is the main obstacle in the way to prosperity of the world and therefore any attempt to break Russia apart including war will be justified.

Most of the materials and arguments which are brought up in this article are repeating the materials from Mr. Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard". It looks like a grand plan is at work to create a situation where Russia is confronted by western powers, namely, USA and EU. Some time ago, in an article which was published in Washington Post, a hypothetical situation was raised in which Russia would confront USA over Alaska. This matter is even brought up in this new article too which makes one wonder where is the source for this and other claims and stories and what motivations are behind all of them? When the issue of "annexation of Alaska" was brought up with Putin once, he jokingly said that Alaska was too cold and Russia sold it to USA.

The current instability in the oil market and unrealistic fall of oil prices seem to be aimed at certain target or targets from which one of them is Russian economy with around 20% of it's GDP depending on oil sales. It seems a lot of things have changed in relations between Russia and USA since the time that Boris Yeltsin was the president of Russia. From what we see right now especially in Middle East and Ukraine in that regard, those days should be considered "honey moon" after break up of Soviet Union! Demand for a "whole and free Europe" by GHW Bush might have been a hint to coming events regarding Europe which would include a big chunk of Russia as they show in the maps which have been recently published in RFE/RL website along with the aforementioned article.

Robert Hunter of Johns Hopkins University in an article in August 2014 claimed that Russia can not realistically isolate herself from the world like th time of Soviet regime during cold war. This is right after announcement that Russia is "contiguous" to most of areas where US has foreign policy and security concerns. There is no surprise of course that those areas stretch from north pole to Antarctica where both US and Russia, according to Mr. Hunter, have common interests and security concerns. Mr. Hunter states that "No one can benefit from a new Cold War, and both Russia and the West (and others) have to do their part to have the critical factors move in directions that can benefit all of the countries involved or, indeed, just about any of them." What about the rest of the world?

In this statement from the article "The West does have to respond to Putin’s seizure of Crimea and threats to the rest of Ukraine, which, among other things, violate the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and the 2004 Budapest Memorandum. The U.S. and its allies have to take military and other steps to reassure anxious allies in Central Europe that NATO membership means what it says." one can clearly hear the drums of war without any doubt. And when we read following:
"We also have to understand that, if Russia’s future does have to be with the outside world, if we have a stake in that happening in a way that can become a plus-sum game, and if we have to play our part while correctly demanding that Putin play his part, then we have to start with strategic analysis concerning the demands of a functioning international system, not just in regard to Europe but for all parts of the globe where Russia will necessarily be engaged. This analysis should not just be a recitation of what we want, but rather a deep understanding of what has a chance to work, in pursuit of basic goals of creating a politics in Europe fundamentally different from those that dominated the twentieth century.

That includes returning to the George H. W. Bush and early Bill Clinton vision of a 'Europe whole and free,' including all of its key strategic elements. It will require an honest assessment of what went wrong from about the late-1990s onward—wrong in the West, especially the U.S., and wrong in Russia. It includes not abandoning, certainly not ab initio, the effort to move beyond the old and discredited balance of power approach to security in Europe, along with the notion of spheres of interest. Maybe Putin’s Russia—or post-Putin Russia—will not be able and willing to proceed on this basis, now or later. But the three basic post-Cold War Western goals still objectively form the best basis for a European future that will be in the interests of all its members and, if done right, will not detract from the legitimate requirements of any of them"

We are reminded that how the world has become a playground for power politics over domination of the world's resources and monopoly of power and leadership in the hands of a bunch who are mainly coming from a certain class in Western European territories although they may not be residing there.

The events which are happening around the world even in most unlikely places, to some people, convey the signs that humanity is heading for Armageddon which has been prophesied since ancient times. To some people, the unrest and struggle that we see in most places through out the world these days, indicate the rise of awareness among majority to fight for their rights against rulers and dictators. But there are those who see the hands of evil manipulators behind all these events that mostly seem to have certain direction and design in them. What is really happening in our world? Are we just condemned to act and be sacrificed like pawns in a game on "The Grand Chessboard"?

A couple of years ago, Dmitry Medvedev who was the president of Russia at that time, in an unprecedented speech on TV, directed at NATO nations warned them about expansion to the east which was against their agreement and against security of Russia. In that speech, he openly stated that Russia was re-activating its nuclear missile bases targeting major cities in western world indicating how serious the situation was. A few years earlier. in 2008, there was a serious incident in Georgia over the issue of Abkhazia and Ossetia. The clash between Georgia and Russia almost escalated to a war. Russian forces were deployed and NATO sent some of its ships to Black Sea in order to provide "humanitarian aid" to Georgia. This action by NATO resulted in a very serious reaction by Russians and Americans were forced to settle for delivering the aid and leave the area quickly.

After that event, there was a great smear campaign in western medias against Russian nationalism and particularly Vladimir Putin. Russian nationalism was portrayed as fascism and minor social issues in Russian society with very young democracy were magnified to demonize their elite and instigate a revolutionary condition to destabilize Russia and destroy the chance of Vladimir Putin's re-election as president of Russia. After failing to prevent the re-election of Putin who seem to be considered the most evil person by the western political establishment and medias, the focus was turned to Ukraine to do the job and avert creation of another Russian empire which has turned into a great obstacle in the way of New World Order.

The western dream of monopoly of power over the world seem to be running aground with quick rise of Russia and creation of a new political and economical alliance between four of the largest non-western nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China which have been complemented by joining of South Africa in more recent years to make the BRICs nations. Western medias devious attempts to portray the newly rejuvenated Russian nationalism as second rise of communism in Russia and a danger to the "free world" has lost its credibility and now they are trying to sabotage the process of rebuilding the Russia through covert meddling in the affairs of newly established independent nations after break up of Soviet Union.

The events of last few years in Ukraine after Ukrainian government rejected the offer to join EU have all the signs to indicate the seriousness of situation for the whole world. After a direct confrontation between Russia and the West was avoided in Syria through genius solution which was put forward by Russians, Ukraine has become new field for confrontation to create problems for Russia and drag that nation into a war which would be devastating, not only for Russians but also for most of the world. Fingerprints of western intelligence agencies could be found in many areas not only in Ukraine but also in the Middle East nations which lost their stability to provide grounds for the New Order in the world.

Astonishingly speedy appearance of a new terrorist organization with Islamic ideology in northern region of Iraq and parts of Syria, which grew like a mushroom apparently out of no-where, can never be considered an accident or a result of ancient disagreements between Islamic sects. This militant organization came to existence fully equipped with all kinds of heavy artillery and transportation equipments which fit a modern day military.There are many evidences to support the creation of FSA in Syria by western intelligence agencies (CIA and MI6 in particular with assistance of Saudi government which wants to see the Alavi rule in Syria ended), out of which grew Islamic State or ISIL (or ISIS, whichever one prefers).

After the events in North African nations, which was quickly named "Arab Spring" by western propaganda, and successful removal of governments in Tunisia, Lybia and Egypt through covert manipulation of mass uprisings and even military intervention, the wave of Islamic movement in the region clearly indicated that all those events had a particular direction and served a particular agenda. It seemed like a mysterious predefined schedule was at work to achieve certain goals. Coming to power of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt two years after US president requested their presence in Egyptian politics as a precondition for their continued $1 billion annual financial support of the nation, can not be ruled as a result of Muslim Brotherhood's fantastic ability to capture hearts and minds of Egyptian people in such short period. Historical background of Muslim Brotherhood from the day it was created, have the evidences of western intelligence meddling all over it.

Annexation of Crimea peninsula by Russia, after recent events in Ukraine, became a big issue for western powers which were apparently concerned about territorial integrity of Ukraine. Unrest and clashes between military and Russian speaking Ukrainian people in Eastern regions of Ukraine, after removal of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych in a style similar to Arab Spring, resulted in heated political confrontation between western nations and Russia and imposition of economic sanctions and also suspension of Russian membership in G8 organization. Display of bitterness on Ukraine issues by some western leaders towards Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, in G20 summit very recently, was in fact the peak of this confrontation which resulted in early departure of Putin from that summit, to indicate the widening gap between Western Allies and Russia, as a major global player from the East. A bit earlier, Mikhail Gorbachev, the champion of what was known as "perestroika" which initiated the process of break up of Soviet Union, had warned about start of a new "cold war" era in relations between East and the West.

Unexpected failure of FSA to topple Syrian government and removal of Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt, in same exact method that the previous elected president Hosney Mubarak was removed, definitely called for some solution to put the agenda back on track. A war condition was desperately needed to achieve compliance of rogue elements who seem to be cause of many concerns in the way of "New Order" of affairs in the world. And this is how Ukrainian problem starts. Everything points to existence of some deviously cunning plan and operation to prepare the world for monopoly on power by an evil system which has been in the process through a web of different organizations and institutions which have been in operation overtly or covertly since previous century (and in some case, from much earlier).

The issue of enslaving weaker nations/people through economic and financial strings has been brought to light many times before but the economic crisis of past few years in Greece and Portugal have given clear indication of devastating consequences of such issues. Realizing these matters, people of Iceland decided to reject the demands by Europeans to pay for unfair loans in order to join EU in 2011 and Iceland government broke all its ties with international banking system to become an "independent sovereign". The speech by Russian president in the last week of October 2014 has brought this to the attention of all in the world who are willing to see, the creeping danger of the policies and programs which are putting the world on the path of catastrophic confrontation, which would only satisfy those who are concerned about losing their position because of the dismantling of "status quo", that is inevitable if the world chooses to grow out of current mess.

It is clear that Russians and Chinese are strong enough to defend their own domain but what will happen if others do not see it the same way and fall in the trap which western propaganda has prepared for them? I will try to explore this matter further by digging deeper in the history of different events in western world which, aside from some positive outcomes, has also left its marks on some of most destructive affairs in human history on this planet.

Sohrab Ferdows,
December 10th, 2014

To be continued...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

All The Shah's Men-appendix 1: additional documents from NSC-1953:

I post a couple of documents of NSC in full here. The first document gives some details about the actions which would be taken by US government in case of Tudeh Party take over of the government. Please read:

Second document is from the critical month of August/1953 and is more detailed. This document indicates the extent of confidence that US government had in Mosadegh to control the situation and discusses availability of economic programs to help National Front's government. Please read:

Sohrab Ferdows
April 24/2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

All The Shah's Men (part 7- conclusions and documents)

It has been a while since I had started writing on this matter which has been subjected to misinformation and disinformation activities for manipulation of Iranian people and Iranian political establishment (inside and outside the governing system) by foreign intelligence agencies. The so called Iranian "leftist" minded intellectuals and the hard core members of nationalist groups like "Iranian National Front" (or Jebhe Melli) have been the easiest targets/victims of this manipulation for more than half a century. This matter in fact was one of the main issues which created an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust between different groups in Iranian elite and intellectuals to provide the grounds for destruction of political establishment and creation of chaos and instability in Iran so that certain goals regarding oil and destabilization of the region could be achieved in order to advance certain global agendas.

In accordance with such agendas, Central Intelligence Agency of The United States and US political establishments, have been capitalizing on keeping Iranian people away from the realities and truth about the events which resulted in bringing American oil companies into Iranian oil business and taking away a big portion of the profit from British oil companies. Nationalization of Iranian oil which has been influenced by Americans from the beginning, was in fact the main operation which required co-operation of Iranian government and all available communication documents from US Intelligence agencies and political leadership indicate that an oil settlement between Iranian government and British was of highest importance and they counted on the government of PM Mosadegh to accomplish such task.

Failure of PM Mosadegh in resolving the oil dispute with British, had created a tense situation in the country and brought about much economic hardship for Iranian people and finally, it costed PM Mosadegh most of his support among the closest allies as well as among Iranian general population. Available documents indicate that although US government was aware that the referendum to dissolve the Iranian Parliament was illegal, they showed a positive attitude towards it and were hoping that Mosadegh's government would survive for the rest of the year and after that. These documents also indicate that US government was concerned about rising influence of Tudeh Party in the government and in the society and they had made preparations to start a "FREE IRAN" government in southern part of the country with the help of tribal elements in case Tudeh Party attempted to take over the government through a coup.

Documents also show that, although Americans were aware of Tudeh Party influence and infiltration of Iranian military (and they knew some of high ranking officers by name), they had no idea about the extent of that infiltration. All their concern was about keeping Iranian oil away from hands of Soviets and they were prepared to split Iran in half if they needed to in order to achieve that.

Since the bogus story of Kermit Roosevelt has been published to portray him as champion of Iranian oil settlement, US government have tried in many ways to (indirectly) give some sort of credibility to this James Bond story of a lifeless loser whose name (for kinship with President Roosevelt) was the only source of credibility that he had. These attempts were done through publishing the story in magazines, publishing books by questionable characters and offering meaningless apologies to mislead Iranians of the real meddling in Iranian affairs which they had done to prepare the grounds for establishment of Islamic ruling system in Iran.

It goes without saying that if Iranian political system (prior to revolution) along with Iranian opposition were not as flawed as they were, accomplishing such tasks would not be as easy if not impossible so in fact, most of the blame goes to Iranians for not being vigilant enough and do not stand on guard for their own civilization and their own way of life.

In the past, I have mentioned that American CIA has declared many times that they do not have documents regarding the events in 1953 because of the clean up operation which they do on regular basis. At the same time, they have declined to declare that the bogus story that was published by New York Magazine and George Washington University and authored by Donald Wilber, was NOT a document from CIA and had nothing to do with CIA.

In previous segment, I published some parts of one document related to CIA covert operation in Guatemala in the year 1954 to show how a real CIA document looks like and how it is written. The "PBSUCCESS" document which was partly presented here, is in fact over a thousand pages and I have all of that in my possession. In this segment I publish some parts of a few CIA documents regarding the affairs in Iran from the year 1949 to 1953 including an hourly report regarding events in August 17/1953. I have to mention that hundreds of pages of such documents are available from the archives of US government and obtainable under FOIA.

The first four images are from a CIA document of the year 1949. Please pay attention to the name of agency, emblem, date and title which is clearly in the view on the first page of the document. In second page we read about distribution of document and name of departments and people who receive a copy of the report. This list includes: the president, state department, NSC and head of the US army etc...
The rest is about stability of Iranian government and its relations with Soviet Union.

There are other documents of the same year in which CIA has provided detailed reports about Tudeh Party and its membership from which, here, I bring a single page which indicate membership of the party from different sectors of society including 500 in military which I believe is just an underestimate.

The next 8 images are from a CIA report in 1951 (just bear in mind that there are many other reports and documents in between, from 1949 to 1951 and afterwards). Again, please pay attention to CIA emblem, name of agency and title and date on first page of the document. This document has been published in year 1951 which was the year that late Dr. Mosadegh had started to work as Prime Minister of Iran. The document is mostly about oil related matters. Many different issues are discussed in this document including taking over of oil industry by Iranian government and possibility of landing of British forces in southern Iranian provinces to confront the situation.

The point in publishing these documents is to show that it is impossible that CIA has destroyed only one particular document to make room in their archives. CIA has never destroyed any document and all the documents for any kind of operations that they had planned or implemented, are available and obtainable from their archives. I have already published some of the documents related to their covert operation in Guatemala and the absence of any documents regarding the bogus so called "operation tpajax" is the best evidence that all claims regarding such operation was just a LIE by a couple of political charlatans to scam Iranian government and foreign oil companies. This matter of course was milked to the fullest by United States government to enforce their agenda and manipulate Iranian opposition to destabilize and destroy the existing political establishment at that time.

In October 1952, CIA made a report about "Prospects For Survival of Mosadegh's Regime In Iran". According to conclusions of this report, Mosadegh's government would survive for the next 6 months at least and CIA predicts that if Kashani would come to power then it would cause deterioration of Iran and final take over by Tudeh Party.

Following is the first page of NIE report from January of 1953. This report is about probable developments in Iran through out the year 1953 Please pay attention to the information clearly shown on the page:

And finally, here we have a report from August 1953 about the events of August 17th/1953

And the last image is single page cable communication of CIA, reporting to Washington regarding the "genuine" uprising of the people against Mosadegh's government on August 19th (28 Mordad) because they had nothing to do with it:

I think this should be enough to convince any unbiased reader of capabilities and effects of CIA regarding the events in August of 1953, although there are tons more document to show how CIA and American officials including President Obama, LIED to mislead Iranians regarding the roles that they played in bringing Islamic ruling system in Iran which has caused much grief and damages to Iranian nation. Please read my articles on Islamic Revolution in Iran for more information.

End: All The Shah's Men

April 20/2014

Sohrab Ferdows

Sunday, April 6, 2014

All The Shah's Men (Part 6)

Before I continue with the stories................. , I like to bring a few more details regarding the events in 1953 and the fall of late PM Mossadegh and also regarding the oil matters. There is a misconception, mainly because of misinformation by Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, regarding existence of any document related to Iran in the years of confrontation between Iranian government and British oil company over nationalization of Iranian oil industry. It has been said by the agency that CIA documents related to Iran from the year 1953 have been "cleaned up" as per a routine process to make room for other newer materials. This turns out to be nothing but a fib as we can find many of documents from CIA and State Department of USA, not only from the year 1953 but also from much earlier than that still available.

The truth is that there is nothing in all available documents to confirm anything related to story of Kim Roosevelt and Donald Wilber. There are plenty of NIE documents which indicate American intelligence agency monitored the situation in Iran and they were even concerned at one point that a coup might have helped Tudeh party to take the power out of the hands of PM Mossadegh and establish a communist system in Iran. For that reason, according to documents, US government had tried to prepare the grounds for establishment of a non-communist government in southern part of Iran with the help of tribal elements whom they were in contact with.

This matter shows that they did not trust anyone from Iranian army to work with in case their strategic plans to enter in the business of Iranian oil through the process of negotiation with Iranian government did not come to proper conclusion. All the evidences from secret US government documents show that they expected that Mosadegh's government would stay in power for "foreseeable future". Americans were aware that British government also would not be willing to change their stance after the last offer which was presented to PM Mosadegh by US and British governments but he declined.

Moreover, Americans were worried about increasing influence of Tudeh party in Mosadegh's government as he had lost all the support from his conventional allies in Iranian political circles. Even with all of this, American government had no plan to do anything against PM Mosadegh because they were happy with the outcome of the efforts up to that point which was bringing US corporations into Iranian oil business negotiation.

In this part, I publish parts of the bogus document which has been fed to the public by NY Times Magazine and George Washington University as a genuine document regarding the events of 1953 and let the readers compare that with a genuine CIA document about the "PBSUCCESS operation" (more than one thousand pages are available) in Guatemala in the year 1954. As I have mentioned before, while one can find all kinds of information including names, dates, signatures on a genuine CIA document, all such information is missing in the bogus document which, I believe, has been updated more than once by forgers. We can clearly see the names of Dulles and Wisner who indicate their approval for the operation PBSUCCESS.

And later, before I conclude this article, I will present some of the real CIA documents regarding the events in Iran during years of 1952 and 1953 and especially during the month of August of 1953. It is unbelievable how CIA would lie ( I believe it would be naive if we expected otherwise) about "routine cleanup" of the files to cover up the absence of any document regarding the bogus "tpajax operation" which had been claimed by a couple of American political charlatans to extort money from Iranians as well as from American oil companies.

The complete document is available at George Washington University

Following is a few pages of the genuine CIA document about operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala in Year 1954

Here is a couple of pictures of Donald Wilber, the author of bogus document who lived in Middle East region for a period of time since 1930's.
The first picture has been taken in America in 1987. There is a mark above Don Wilber's head. In second picture, Mr. Wilber is dressed in Arabic outfit which he used most of the time when he was in Egypt. He also used cowboy outfit in other occasions and loved to appear like Indiana Jones!

In next part, I will post some of the real documents of US government which exist in their archives and indicate they had no prior information regarding the events of August 1953 other than some general ideas of the situation.

Will Continue...

Sohrab Ferdows
April 6/2014