Friday, December 6, 2013

Conspiracy, fact or fiction? (part 2)

One of the issues which have been in the focus of many who follow the line of conspiracies through out the world in last couple of decades is the issue of "new world order" which was openly pronounced by different top ranking leaders of the world. I would like to talk a little about this matter before getting back to the main subject regarding "conspiracy" because the story of "new world order" has been considered as a "conspiracy theory" by many of those who follow the line of political cliche and political correctness, especially in the western world. This piece was first published a few years ago in some forums but I have made some changes and since it is very much relevant to the subject, I would like to bring it here before continuing with main topic.

Many people became aware of the story of "new world order" from the time when former president of the United States; G.H. Bush openly spoke about it while in office. In the first glance, the new order of the world with one superpower at the top, and creation of a single world government system to run the affairs of the whole planet may not seem a bad idea. After all, different nations share the same environment on a planet with limited resources which is more like a very tiny dot in a vast universe that its realities change frequently as our knowledge improves through advancement of our science and our wisdom. All of it may sound very nice. Prosperity and resources will be shared by humanity and international hostilities will cease in the light of more harmonious developments. Peace and tranquility will dominate on the planet and humans can engage in activities with higher and nobler purpose than gaining and collecting wealth and serving selfish agendas. Sounds very much like a beautiful dream but, is it anything other than that? We may have a second thought about it once we hear what some of so called "conspiracy buffs" have to say. What will be the share of Iranian nation in this "new world order"? This should definitely be important to all of us as Iranian nationals because we consider ourselves an important element in establishment of civilization on this planet. What do we get in "new world order"? Is "new world order" a conspiracy theory or a solid fact? How does it work? Who is in charge?

The fact is that having single governing authority for all humanity is not a new idea. Since the establishment of the first empire in the world by Cyrus the Great, this notion has been followed by many rulers in different parts of the world to justify the expansionist policies for domination over other people and exploitation of their resources. Empires of all sorts came and went and nothing is left of them today other than some ruins and historical tales. What can make another empire to have a different destiny? History shows that brutal repression has always been one of the tools which were employed by empires for expansion and survival until they faced an enemy which was more powerful than them. It is obvious that the nature of human beings has not changed much since the beginning of the mankind and no empire has vanished voluntarily if not faced with resistance and rebellion from its subjects or from external sources of opposing power. Is it possible to create a single world authority without need for brutal repression? Without exploitation of the weak for the benefit of powerful? Without corruption of authorities? Without monopoly of resources and power by a few who have gained their wealth and power through corruption and manipulations? Is it possible to build a fair and just universal system with remnants of a corrupt system that have had the main roles in corruption of the whole system and society before that? These are just a few questions from many which one may have about establishment of a new world order with single governing authority.

One of the major issues about "new world order" is with some of those who are most serious proponents of single world authority and the values that they believe in as much as it shows through their actions. The trail of their corrupt and criminal activities in most cases includes but is not limited to stealing, bribery, blackmail, murder and assassination that have been committed openly or through covert operations (if necessary) to maintain their own grip on power through manipulation of society and monopolization of resources. These affairs were not just happening in United States or Europe. The whole world has not been immune to these crimes. Daniel Yergin in his great and well documented book, "The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power", has written in details about how some of western corporations (mainly British and Americans) imposed and maintained their monopoly in the field of energy in the world through unwritten contracts and agreements while conspiring against others. A great documentary movie of 8 hours long has been made based on this book which although missing many parts of the book but still worth watching.

There are some speculations that the Italian oil tycoon Enrico Maatei who coined the name "The Seven Sisters" for the main oil cartel in those days (Exxon/Esso, Shell, BP, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Socal/Chevron) and was killed in a mysterious plane crash shortly after he agreed to give a better deal than oil consortium to Iranian government, was just one of many victims who tried to enter in a field that the oil cartel considered their own rightful domain. There are many other sources which provide information about how this new invisible empire of corporations has been creeping its way to take over the world's resources for a long time and it is just now, thanks to internet and explosion of information, that all these sources of information are reachable in much easier ways than before to help us understand what is being done to humanity and how.

Takeover of the world's resources by stateless or globalist corporations is not an American issue as American people themselves are also victims of this phenomenon. There are many people of different professions in America who have joined the efforts to expose the evil which is presenting itself as savior of humanity. Invisible Empire is name of a documentary made by a young American named Jason Bermas who started doubting the information that was coming out of main stream media and official sources and decided to research the matters on his own and find out the truth. His quest to find the truth started after the event of 9/11/2001 and Invisible Empire is his most recent production. It may not be perfect and complete but it definitely is a great piece of work to make us wonder about many things and events which have also affected our lives and the life of our nation. Whether it's called conspiracy or something else, the facts are there and it is up to us if we choose to see and question them or ignore them. Here is the link to the new video which is about 2 hr long:

Invisible Empire:

And here is "The Prize" documentary (8 parts) published by the author Daniel Yergin himself who served under prestigious positions for different US and UK governments and also as a member of academia :

The Prize

To be continued..

Sohrab Ferdows
December, 6th, 2013