Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Note To Visitors And Readers Of My Blogs

Dear Friends,

Please share the blogs in all your social networks and blogs in any way possible and spread the words as much as you can. New materials will be added soon. All I expect from those who want to use the information that is presented in these blogs, is to respect the integrity of materials and do not make any changes through unjustifiable interpretations as some people have done in the past. I understand that people's view about different things may vary but what is presented here is based on extensive research which I have conducted through out many years and if anyone likes to draw different conclusions then please don't do it on the account of my work.

Sometime in the past, integrity of the materials and documents which are presented here have been abused by some people of more popular medias in United States which referenced the work of "Middle East Research Institute" while there was absolutely no information available from that organization to confirm such claims. Because of that issue, I had to stop publishing further materials until I find a clarification and a solution to prevent such issues from repeating. This matter created a painful gap in my line of thoughts and a break in my research work and I finally decided to discus it in my blogs and make some changes in the way that the documents are presented.

It is very sad to see that people even in some reputable institutions and medias resort to such low attitude in order to make undeserved gains in their political agendas.

I encourage all my readers to share their thoughts and comments on what they see and read in the blogs. This will definitely help me with continuing my work and I appreciate that very much.

Sohrab Ferdows
December 7th, 2013