Sunday, April 6, 2014

All The Shah's Men (Part 6)

Before I continue with the stories................. , I like to bring a few more details regarding the events in 1953 and the fall of late PM Mossadegh and also regarding the oil matters. There is a misconception, mainly because of misinformation by Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, regarding existence of any document related to Iran in the years of confrontation between Iranian government and British oil company over nationalization of Iranian oil industry. It has been said by the agency that CIA documents related to Iran from the year 1953 have been "cleaned up" as per a routine process to make room for other newer materials. This turns out to be nothing but a fib as we can find many of documents from CIA and State Department of USA, not only from the year 1953 but also from much earlier than that still available.

The truth is that there is nothing in all available documents to confirm anything related to story of Kim Roosevelt and Donald Wilber. There are plenty of NIE documents which indicate American intelligence agency monitored the situation in Iran and they were even concerned at one point that a coup might have helped Tudeh party to take the power out of the hands of PM Mossadegh and establish a communist system in Iran. For that reason, according to documents, US government had tried to prepare the grounds for establishment of a non-communist government in southern part of Iran with the help of tribal elements whom they were in contact with.

This matter shows that they did not trust anyone from Iranian army to work with in case their strategic plans to enter in the business of Iranian oil through the process of negotiation with Iranian government did not come to proper conclusion. All the evidences from secret US government documents show that they expected that Mosadegh's government would stay in power for "foreseeable future". Americans were aware that British government also would not be willing to change their stance after the last offer which was presented to PM Mosadegh by US and British governments but he declined.

Moreover, Americans were worried about increasing influence of Tudeh party in Mosadegh's government as he had lost all the support from his conventional allies in Iranian political circles. Even with all of this, American government had no plan to do anything against PM Mosadegh because they were happy with the outcome of the efforts up to that point which was bringing US corporations into Iranian oil business negotiation.

In this part, I publish parts of the bogus document which has been fed to the public by NY Magazine and George Washington University as a genuine document regarding the events of 1953 and let the readers compare that with a genuine CIA document about the "PBSUCCESS operation" (more than one thousand pages are available) in Guatemala in the year 1954. As I have mentioned before, while one can find all kinds of information including names, dates, signatures on a genuine CIA document, all such information is missing in the bogus document which, I believe, has been updated more than once by forgers. We can clearly see the names of Dulles and Wisner who indicate their approval for the operation PBSUCCESS.

And later, before I conclude this article, I will present some of the real CIA documents regarding the events in Iran during years of 1952 and 1953 and especially during the month of August of 1953. It is unbelievable how CIA would lie ( I believe it would be naive if we expected otherwise) about "routine cleanup" of the files to cover up the absence of any document regarding the bogus "tpajax operation" which had been claimed by a couple of American political charlatans to extort money from Iranians as well as from American oil companies.

The complete document is available at George Washington University

Following is a few pages of the genuine CIA document about operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala in Year 1954

Here is a couple of pictures of Donald Wilber, the author of bogus document who lived in Middle East region for a period of time since 1930's.
The first picture has been taken in America in 1987. There is a mark above Don Wilber's head. In second picture, Mr. Wilber is dressed in Arabic outfit which he used most of the time when he was in Egypt. He also used cowboy outfit in other occasions and loved to appear like Indiana Jones!

In next part, I will post some of the real documents of US government which exist in their archives and indicate they had no prior information regarding the events of August 1953 other than some general ideas of the situation.

Will Continue...

Sohrab Ferdows
April 6/2014